Jan 20, 2013

偶尔会想起一些小事情,想告诉你但时机不对, 会有点儿奇怪。我又怕等一下会忘记,所以便把它给记录下来了。


那天放学后,我就陪着你到你家去。回家的路上,你没什么理会我。大概是应为学校的某些事,在加上你又刚好生病,所以心情不太还吧。我一直问你‘这么了‘, 但你只摇摇头。你保持着沉默,一直到了你家。


也不知过了多久,你突然从座位站了起来,转过身看着我。你说:‘我刚才好像对你有一点儿兇hor? Sorry ah~'


Jan 6, 2013


It has been a/an ___________ journey with you.

I was once clueless of what is "love". A word so big that I could only understand the love that I have for/ and from my family.

A love that I was taught to have since the day I was born.
A love I was given even before I was born.

A love for stanger? Or maybe a friend? Or even someone of the opposite sex.

Well, I do kinda get it - get it. From watching drama. Or a romance movie. Or maybe from a friend in love. And most other parts from... well... maybe my grandparents. And... maybe from my parents when I was kinda really much much muchhhhh younger.

It was really quite a journey to like you as a friend. And to like you more than a friend. Then to the stage of more than like you but not exactly love. To well, where we are now.

I'm sorry it took me more than quite a while.

I once said I didn't know whether it's love.
More than knowing whether it's love or not, I didn't know exactly what love is.
But you... you got me to understand it, know it, and feel it.

So... continue to draw my focus to you and you only!

I love you, my Lion King! <3
P.S And also sometimes my kitty. =P

Muacksss (:

Dec 11, 2012






‘我爱你‘ 有时候胜过千言万语。


Dec 10, 2012



Dec 3, 2012

I'm loving you more each day... (:

I look forward to meeting you every time, mostly with butterflies in my stomach, anticipating and excited.

I want to do things with you, even if it's the weirdest or the most boring stuff, as long as it's with you.

I don't want you to feel pressured or feel that you are troubling me when you ask me to do things or invite me to join you at your family event. I want you to ask me to join you because you want me to, and I will do it most willingly. (: because I want to.

Being your girlfriend means I am yours and you are mine. (aiyooo, 小害羞)Which means that you have the rights to request me to do things for/with you. The same goes for me, I hope. That's on the basis that obviously we do not take each other for granted and make use of each other. Which is totally not applicable in our case, right? (:

What I want to say is, I hope you can share your thoughts with me sometimes. Like how I want to assure you that doing things for you is not troublesome at all, just because I want to do it for you. And I mean it. <3

You really puzzle me sometimes. Like I always don't know what you are thinking/feeling cuz u don't really expresses them unless I like keep on asking. Cuz... Sometimes when I say smt and then you don't wanna reply, I get a little lost and feels a little insecure. I don't really like that feeling.

I want to keep on knowing that I belong to you! <3

I'm opening up to you each day. And loving you more each day.

I hope it's the same for you towards me.

Hey baby, I love you!

Muacksssss~ 

Nov 28, 2012


Nov 6, 2012

99% of the time, my head rule over my heart.

The only time that 1% happens, is when I met you.